Practice Didgeridoo No. 1

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Practice Didgeridoo No. 1

Ideal beginner's model for the small budget.

About to buy a digderidoo for practice, but

  • you're worrying about playability and susceptibility to split?
  • ou don't want to do without a proper mouthpiece?
  • you're budget is limited?

The HTEM-tube is the working alternative to all dubious offers made from bamboo or teak as they are frequently met on markets. Easy transport, not susceptible to changes in temperature, humidity, mechanical stress. Together with the proven exchangeable PP-mouthpiece for HTEM-tubes and 40 mm slide-inset you have a complete instrument at hand allowing you to practice properly everything the beginner has to learn. Later you can set out to find "your" didgeridoo.

Well suited for practice groups and didgeridoo classes: same pitch; easy to clean and to disinfect.

Ask for a discount if you need at least 5 pieces.


  • Length 107 cm (incl. mouthpiece),
  • Outer diameter 40 mm,
  • Inner diameter 36 mm,
  • Mouthpiece: the proven and exchangeable Mundstück für 40 mm HT-Rohre und Slide-Einsätze,
  • Drone: E - 20 (can be tuned easily to E by shortening),
  • Toot Bb + 40,
    2. Toot G + 30,
  • 2. Toot G + 30,
  • Weight: 245 g (!),
  • Color grey (easily redesigned)


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