Welcome to Positive Vibrations - Didgeridoo & More The Didgeridoo Online Shop!

We are specialized in

- original, termite hollowed eucalyptus didgeridoos from Australia

- inhouse manufactured fiberglass didgeridoos also in combination with 3D printing

- Slide-Didgeridoos (tuneable)

- custom-made products: fiberglass didgeridoos and mouthpieces

You will NOT find here:

  • Didgeridoos made from Teak, Mahogany, Jackfruit, and Bamboo as well as industrially produced Eucalyptus-Didgeridoos
  • Didgeridoos with wound air column (Snake / Spiral / Travel / etc.); it takes too long to dry out after playing
  • 3D-printed didgeridoos with unsealed surfaces; 3D-print does not end up with a smooth and closed surface (only for the human eye); this leads as well to poor hygienic properties. NOTE: all 3DFiber didgeridoos offered here are completely sealed!

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  • You're planning to visit the shop? Good idea! Please make an appointment beforehand via phone or email.
  • Default value for delivery costs is for Didgeridoos within Germany: Please select the appropriate value during the ordering process.

The new product line: 3D-print meets fiberglass!

Get your individual, custom made 3DFiber-Didgeridoo