Mondholz Didgeridoos

Mondholz Didgeridoos

Mondholz Didgeridoos


Mondholz Didgeridoos are manufactured by Michael Heindl.
They excell due to 

  • meticulous workmanship
  • ease of play (a pleasure for any beginner and advanced player)
  • rich, sonorous, and voluminous sound
  • multiple easily addressable toots

But let us Michael introduce himself, his work, and his didgeridoos:

"Hello, my name is Michael Heindl. I'm 50 years old and live in Mehlmeisel, Fichtelgebirge (Fichtelgebirge is a mountain range in Northern Bavaria, Germany). For several years now, I'm manufacturing didgeridoos using the sandwich technique.
My didgeridoos are made of local wood species like maple, elm, poplar, birch, oak, wild cherry, hazelnut, and elder. The wood is cut during the proper phase of the moon, which guarantees a lossless drying. All of it comes from an approximately 16.000 log decidious forest that has to get lightened and cleaned up every year. The owner likes the idea seeing something special being made out of the wood, which is too precious for use as firewood. After proper aging of each log my work begins."

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