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Munich, September 21, 2017

Dear Didger,

these are the latest news in my shop:

Walter Strasser Didgeridoos

Bruce Rogers Didgeridoos

Eukalyptus Didgeridoos

Practice didgeridoo

Alu_Slide didgeridoo


GFK / Fiberglass Didgeridoos

Hybrid Didgeridoos



So long & happy didgin’,


This shop offers a wide range of genuine termite eaten australian eucalyptus didgeridoos as well as a nice selection of other didgeridoo types made of GFK (fiberglass), mahogany, and domestic wood.

Browse through our offer of didgeridoos and accessories, from learning CDs  to the comprehensive book, percussion instruments, bags and more.

We also craft, repaire, tune and redesign didgeridoos! A special offer on request is the insertion of a slide inset.

Positive Vibrations - Didgeridoo and More is more than just a didgeridoo shop! You can not only buy didgeridoos: consulting, service and information are very important for us!

Didgeridoos are sent to all european countries, for worldwide shipping and more informations, see our category shipping costs!

At didgeridoo - faq and facts - you will find a lot of informations about didgeridoo types, shapes, sound and more.

       Bernhard Pfeil                







If you have any questions on didgeridoos, payment, shipping eg. use the site contact, or post a question with the button : "Question on products". You can change between the german and english language. We deliver our didgeridoos in all EU - Countries ! For worldwide shipping costs, please ask us !



A large selection of didgeridoos is waiting for you in the onlineshop: from a mohagany over fiberglas to original australian eucalyptus didgeridoos. Enjoy!







Didgeridoo accessories, books, bags, mouth pieces, slide insets ...

All you need for your didgeridoo, learning cd´s, didgeridoo bags, didgeridoo mouthpieces etc.


Here is a selection of small percussion instruments, suitable for your didgeridoo session.




Informations, taking care of didgeridoos

Take care of your didgeridoo and treat it well , here are some guidelines for a long relationship with your didgeridoo!


Didgeridoo - FAQ & Facts

Most important things about didgeridoos, qualities, characteristics, beginners didgeridoos, mouthpieces...


Links, Info, Press.

Some more interesting pages an informations round about "the didgeridoo" and a link collection

Traumzeit / Dreamtime
26.00 € *
Frame Drum Bag
38.00 € *
8.50 € *
Slide Insets
from 50.00 € *
Hybrid Didgeridoo No. 1
from 520.00 € *
Hybrid Didgeridoo No. 2
from 580.00 € *
Fiberglass Didgeridoo No. 5
from 380.00 € *
Fiberglass Didgeridoo No. 8
from 380.00 € *
Fiberglass Didgeridoo No. 9
from 365.00 € *
Hybrid Didgeridoo No. 3
from 500.00 € *
Silicone Mouthpiece
14.20 € *
Practice Didgeridoo No. 1
Bruce Rogers Didgeridoo 0000
Bruce Rogers Didgeridoo 1438
Bruce Rogers Didgeridoo 1435
Bruce Rogers Didgeridoo 1173
from 310.00 € *
Strasser-Didgeridoo-No 1
1,080.00 € *
Practice Didgeridoo No. 2

The prices listed on the product pages include 19% german VAT and 7% VAT in reduced cases (books) shipping costs !