Walter Strasser Didgeridoo No. 3

Walter Strasser Didgeridoo No. 3

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Walter Strasser Didgeridoo No. 3

An early Walter Strasser didgeridoo, now available as single slide. A wonderful instrument made of evergreen oak, sealed inside and outside, with ornaments in the typical Strassser style. This didgeridoo allows for a very precise play and features a neatly structured overtone spectrum.


Length ca. 142 to 182 cm
Bell  13 * 16 cm
Mouthpiece: an exchangeable 32 mm polypropylene mouthpiece.
According to customer request other sizes and forms can be manufactured.

Pitch range:

  • Drone: C# to F
  • Toot: Eb to G
  • 2nd toot: C-30 to Eb-30

Weight  3.9 kg
Color: nature with ornaments
Material: evergreen oak

Sound examples

​in C#

​in F


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