Saddle shaped polypropylene mouthpiece

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Saddle shaped polypropylene mouthpiece

Mouthpiece made from food grade polypropylene

Polypropylene is stable up to 110 °C, easy to clean and disinfect.

Well suited for training instruments.

Dimensions (in average)

- Total height: 35 mm, 15 mm upper part + 20 mm insert length

- Width of lip surface: ca. 8 mm

- Outer diameter (top): 47 x 44 mm

- saddle depth: 8 to 5 mm

- Inner diameter: ca. 30 mm (rounded edge)

Standard color: black

Custom design possible!
Ask for other dimensions and shapes. Possible design parameter are (to be discussed with me)

  • outer diameter at lip rest
  • inner diameter at lip rest
  • width of lip rest (connected to the choice of inner and outer diameters)
  • conicity: inner diameter at lip rest to inner diameter at inside
  • different depths of the saddle on each side
  • suitable for slide insets
    • mount
    • insert
    • sealing required?
  • suitable for insert (similar to slide inset)
  • to apply on top

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The prices listed on the product pages include 19% or 7% (reduced) German VAT. Additional shipping costs may apply!

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