Hybrid Didgeridoo No. 4

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Hybrid Didgeridoo No. 4

A nice hybrid eucalyptus didgeridoo for all loving smooth & swinging soundscapes. Testosterone bothered high pressure players shouldn't touch this one. The instrument got an epoxy-fiberglass protective & sealing skin, is oiled inside, and equipped with a comfortable 30 mm polypropylene mouthpiece fixed by beeswax. The light onset leads immediately to a full & resonant sound inviting to dream away.


Base length 143 cm,

Bell ca. 6,5 * 7 cm,

Mouthpiece: 30 mm polypropylene in beeswax,

Drone C + 40,

Toot F# + 20,

Base weight: 3.6 kg,

Color: anthracite

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