Vintage didgeridoo No. 6, C#

Vintage didgeridoo No. 6, C#

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Vintage didgeridoo No.6

Anyone who has ever played old didgeridoos knows about their special charm, resonant, thinwalled prepared bellends, awesome sounds, authentic paintings.

All vintage didgeridoos here in the shop are about 25 - 30 years old and come from David Lindner's collection.

This nice piece has a very earthy sound, incredible voluminous base, and brilliant overtones -  an extremely appaling all-rounder.

Length about 137 cm,
Bell about 9 * 8.5 cm;
 about C# + 20,
Toot ca. G - 30.

Such extremely rare pieces will not be sent. Step by, play, fall in love with the sound, and take it with you.

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