Health benefits

Health benefits

Health benefits

 This site aims to further positive effects of didgeridoo playing about, it's more than just fun

 I do not raise this to be complete!. Since there are also lots of information on the Internet, I have some links to the topics summarized.

 Each of you, who played for a longer  period  can certainly feel the relaxing effect, in your brain waves are called alpha, beta and / or theta- can be triggered, the states are characteristic for meditative.   Through the gentle vibration of the lips stimulates meridians and chakras are activated: Didgemann

 Didgeridoo-playing can bring relief to asthma.   More info eg here: Mad Matt

 Even in the so-called sleep apnea / snoring, it can reduce severity:

 Even in the case of cystic fibrosis playing didgeridoo may contribute supportive: didgeridoo school

Chinese Medicine and didgeridoo: www.  

 Playing and hearing Didgeridoo is doing well, what is good for relieving, can  favor any healing process, convalescent, or - It is always more than cause and effect.   It is always also a question to get in balace.

 Didgeridoo playing and listening van trigger images and feelings archetypal! Here are associations that are very emotional.

 Didgeridoo playing affects the waking state, and our brain waves! Meditative game  seriously increase theta waves and alphas, rhythmic, complex playingincrease beta waves.   The consciousness / wakefulness canbe directly influenced.

 (Positive End-Exspiratory Pressure), a phenomenon known from mechanical ventilation ...   When you play a didgeridoo a Pesuere arises in the didgeridoo, which continues into your lungs (positive pressure in the airways), he holds open the small airways and alveoli may be opend again.   The functional residual capacity increases, the function of the lungs and breathing is improved.

 Lip brake !  Playing the didgeridoo's very similar to the practice of so-called lip brake.   It´s a beautiful sound and is not a technical exercise, many asthmatics can handel their problems much better.

 Snoring and sleep apnea, there are from Switzerland scientificale investigations, that clearly show, that there are significant reliesf from didgeridoo playing and people may can sleep again without using a sleep mask!

 Relax! Additinonal to the Peep and the mental relaxation, an effect is that, if your playing slow rhythms or at medium speed, yo need to breath less than in everyday life, and simultaneously you have an optimal gas exchange!

 Visceral massage and diaphragmatic /abdominal muscle training. With proper breathing technique, the abdominal muscles, such as the diaphragm are involved in the workout, the internal organs are receiving a kind of massage through the transmitted vibrations (including a micro-massage)

 More Positive aspects: Basics are easy to learn, nofurther experiences are  necessary, quick sense of achievement, stimulation of the lip meridians, stimulating the chakras, releasing blockages,  use in music therapy, pain therapy, sound massage .......

 From: David Lindner, dream time, the mystery of the didgeridoo ; ISBN: 3-933825-40-7 personal translation by Michael Beuckert, just for this website !