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  • Original termite eaten Australian eucalyptus didgeridoos
  • Handmade fiberglas didgeridoos
  • Slide-Didgeridoos (tuneable)
  • Customized didgeridoos and mouthpieces

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Pitch: Measured with Korg CA - 30 (A 440 Hz). Values may differ due environmental (humidity, air pressure, temperature) as well as playing technique and duration.

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Eucalyptus didgeridoos

Eucalyptus didgeridoos


The original timbers from Australia!

The sound quality of eucalyptus makes them probably the first choice next to fiberglass didgeridoos. Rich in overtones, strong in the sound volume, the best we can offer in the onlineshop for didgeridoos.


Fiberglass didgeridoos


****  Finest Fiberglass Instruments from our own production now available here  ****

All fiberglass didgeridoos in this shop are manufactured by myself. This gives me the full control about shape, processing, and quality of the used materials. Fiberglass offers a number of convincing properties for didgeridoo manufacturing:

1. Excellent acustic qualities
Fiberglass technology allows to build thinwalled instruments, which exceed wooden instruments in terms of stability and robustness. The smooth, absolutely closed, and very hard surface supports highly present overtones, excellent voice transport, clear intonation, and a big sound volume.

2. Immunity to climatic changes 
Dryness, humidity, coolness, warmth, fast changes of the conditions: all these usual enemies of wooden didgeridoos cannot affect fiberglass didgeridoos.

3. Easy-care
There is no need for periodic oiling or any other maintenance. Simply hold your fiberglass didgeridoo under a warm shower for cleaning.

4. Indestructible
Fiberglass didgeridoos ar shock and kick resistant. All usual transport and storage accidents may at the worst give scratches on the surfaces. You need a lot of deliberation and power to destruct a didgeridoo made of fiberglass.

5. Light
The high resistivity of fiberglass allows to build extremely light instruments - a real advantage for transport and performances.

6. Free design
Working with fiberglass gives me full control about the shape, there are virtually not limits to the design. Here we do not only talk about length, also the cross section and its evolution over the complete length of the instrument may be exactly designed and built. This allows me to offer not only a set of standard fiberglass instruments and own creations but also  with unprecedented precision.

7. Slide
It's not a big deal to include a slide mechanism for continuous tuning right from the very beginning of the manufacturing process. Therefore, most of my instruments will be built as single, dual, or triple tune sliders.

Hybrid Didgeridoos


Hybrids are combinations of wood and fiberglas.
All hybrids offered in this shop are carefully manufactured by myself. 

Mahogany didgeridoos

Mahogany didgeridoos

Mahogany didgeridoos

Perfect for beginners who want to shop for quality! Rich in overtones, very clear sound and very crack resistant!

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