Mahogany, teak & bamboo

Mahogany, teak & bamboo

Mahogany, teak, bamboo, snake didgeridoos

Mahogany, Teak, and Bamboo didgeridoos are NOT offered in this shop.

Manufacturing conditions, sound quality, and resistance against rupture are not guaranteed in an adequate way reflecting my responsibility as shown ownwer for my customers. This applies as well to industrially manufactured eucalyptus didgeridoos. There are enough players in the market offering this type of didgeridoos. I'm not going to compete with them.

With respect to hygiene and health snake/spiral didgeridoos, didgeboxes, nano didges and similar designs are NOT offered here. These are almost uncapable to be cleaned and prone to hold a lot of humidity for a long time after playing. 3D-prints that are not sealed on the inside amplify that problem due to their quite porose surface structure.