Your didgeridoo is delivered.....first steps

Receiving your didgeridoo...First steps with your new didgeridoo, please notice follwing instructions ! They are useful !Now how to take care about your didgeridoo and avoid damages ....... no matter how excited you are!

Check the package for external damages, take pics .... the shippment is insured .....

Especially during the cold season, you should not forget the didge is very cold...don´t unpack and play immediately, there is the  highest risk of cracking!  
Whether natural, sealed or oiled, if bamboo, teak, eucalyptus ..... slowly!

Let it  acclimatize completely and slow, leave it in a box for several hours!

(Transportation Facilities of parcel services are not heated ...) 

Then open the box and let  the didge acclimatize again a few hours in the packaging (bubble wrap, paper, etc. ..).
Let it also, before the first time you play it,  acclimatize  unpacked at least one hour, and not near a heater, furnace, solar or similar!
You may play then , but slowly and smooth! Play it slowly, at first only a few minutes a day and increase it.