Cracks, repairing

Cracks, repairs

There won´t be  lifetime warranties on crack resistance !

If it cracks this is not a problem  ..... Often, the tension is o ut of the wood and after the repair the didge may sounds even better!

You can, for example with fill the cracks with super glue, or with two components-wood filler, wood inserts, beeswax woodglue like Ponal,  you can wrap these parts with rattan, raffia, cord wrap, etc..

The repair method depends also by the size and nature of the crack.

Not to forget the "australian" method : Take a lot of ugly, possibly different tape and wrap your didge .... Optical "crutches" have sometimes even a surprisingly good sound.

If your didgeridoo occurs problems  contact me!


I advise you, no matter where you bought your didge, I repair and "tune" and didgeridoos!

 Before you begin to repair itself, spatula, stick, etc. and still have no experience ..... Please contact me or other experienced and reputable dealers who deal with this issue, everyone has something different philosophies and experiences, but reputable providers will be happy to help you.

great video tutorial by Mad Matt :