Didgman CD - The lessons, the learning

Didgman CD - The lessons, the learning

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Didgman CD - The lessons, the learning

This CD is a translation of the famous CD "Didgman", which helped so many people to learn didgeridoo playing.

The CD "The Learning" is a translation of the famous CD "Didgman", which teached already many people, how to play the didgeridoo!!

The CD includes beside the learning lessons also 4 music tracks, total time 64' 58''.

Adam Henwood learnt to play the didgeridoo from his aboriginal friend Ivan Handy of the "Barkinji tribe". He was then further influenced by friend and fellow didgeridoo professional player Kevin Bradford. He has since developed his own versatile, exciting and powerful style of playing.

Adam is teaching private and public workshops in Australia and Europe and produced as a member of the band "the four elements" the CD "witching hour" and with his own bands "Orocol" and "Didgman" the CD "The 5th Willow".

Adam's style of teaching covers all aspects of didgeridoo playing in a simple and friendly manner, assuring the listener's rapid progress and a solid technical understanding.

The players of the didgeridoo find a certain euphoric oneness within the instrument, which can be meditational or energizing, depending on the style of play. Due to its powerful vibrations, the didgeridoo has a certain healing effect on the mind body relationship.

In the early stages a player can progress very easily through the basic techniques, making the didgeridoo an enjoyable instrument to learn and play.

There is no need of any musical knowledge!

Beginners lessons
You begin with the basic drone, followed by drone and tone variations - animal noises - voice techniques & overtones - explanation of circular breathing - comprehensive circular breathing instruction incl. correct and incorrect examples for easier understanding.

Intermediate lessons
Rhythm lessons & advanced techniques. The first rhythm is designed for circular braething practice followed by a rhythm variation. You will learn two more rhythms, also with sound & voice variations. Four song tracks are included to play along with or for inspiration.

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