Eucalyptus Slide Didgeridoo No. 1

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Eucalyptus Slide Didgeridoo No. 1

Tuneable Eucalyptus Didgeridoo.

Eucalyptus Slide Didgeridoo No. 1

Reworked Eucalyptus Didgeridoo with slide inset for continous tuning. Inside and outside are sealed. Carving out the bellend contributed a lot of volume to this instrument. Also due to the inset the didgeridoo responses at once including the toots. The nicely grained wood has a freshwater crocodile carved in and painted.


  • Length 130 cm + 35 cm,
  • Bell ca. 8.5 – 9.5 cm,
  • Mouthpiece width: 28 mm,
  • Pitch: from E to G + 20,
  • Toot: from D/Eb to F# + 20,
  • 2nd Toot: from C to Eb,
  • Weight: 5 kg,
  • Condition: new


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