3DFiberglass-Didgeridoo On Demand

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3DFiber On Demand

Custom made 3D Fiberglass didgeridoo

I'll get your sound and form ideas done.

3DFiber On Demand

3D printing allows for a precise realization of the resonance chamber according to your ideas. These might be the result of explicit sound design, e. g., using software like DidjImp or DidgeMo gewonnen , or come from measuring out the details of the inner part of one of your didgeridoos / yidakis / magos.
The Epoxy/Fiberglass-reinforcement sorgtguarantees the required tightness of the 3D parts and comes with the general advantages of Fiberglass-Didgeridoos, e. g.,

  • unsusceptible to environmental changes like temperature, humidity
  • no cracks
  • easy cleaning, hygienic
  • robustness and resilience
  • light-weight

What can be done?

  • sequences of conical and cylindrical parts in the resonance chamber (inside!)
  • oval cross sections
  • bends
  • independent design of the outer shape
  • coloring
  • fitting polypropylene mouthpiece (usually exchangeable)
  • with slide inset
  • ...

What's the procedure?

  • You contact me with your design requestDu meldest dich bei mir mit deinem Entwurf
  • I dive into an analysis of your proposal (general feasibility, possibilities for optimization, cost range, ...) and discuss my results with you
  • When we agree possibly with some modifications on all details you will order the manufacturing
  • about 4 weeks later your individual, custom made 3D-Fiber didgeridoo arrives at your place eager to be played

Important Note!

Custom made instruments are excluded from return. 
Of course, I guarantee for the professional and correct realization!

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